The tallest flagpole in the world

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The tallest flagpole in the world is the Jeddah Flagpole, located in Saudi Arabia. Erected in 2014, the flagpole stands 171m (561ft) high.

The Saudi flag being hoisted onto the tallest flagpole in the world at night
The Saudi flag being hoisted onto the tallest flagpole in the world (Shutterstock)

Fast facts

Name: Jeddah Flagpole
Height: 171m (561ft)
Erected: September 2014
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Tallest flagpole in the world

The Jeddah Flagpole was erected by Jeddah Municipality & Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI), in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 23 September 2014. It currently holds the record for the world’s tallest unsupported flagpole, standing 171m (561ft) high.

The Saudi Arabia national flag that flies on the flagpole measures 49.5m (162ft) long, 33m (108ft) wide – a total of 1,635 square meters. The flag weighs 570kg.

The Jeddah Flagpole seen from afar
The Jeddah Flagpole (CC2.0: Gregor Rom)

The flagpole was erected to fly the national flag of Saudi Arabia and mark the country’s 84th National Day. It stands in the King Abdullah Square in Jeddah and is surrounded by 13 special lights denoting the Kingdom’s 13 governorates.

Construction of the Jeddah Flagpole took around 12 months. The flagpole is constructed from 500 tons of steel in a cylindrical shape. It is wide enough to accommodate service units which include systems to gauge wind direction and speed, atmospheric humidity, rain volume and an aircraft-warning light as well as access points for maintenance staff to ascend.

The Saudi flag being attached at the flagpole's base
The Saudi flag being attached at the flagpole’s base (Shutterstock)

Previously, Tajikistan had the world’s tallest flagpole at 165m (541ft). The Dushanbe Flagpole was erected in 2011 to mark its independence day.

Other record-holders included Azerbaijan’s 162m (531ft) National Flagpole, North Korea’s 160m (520ft) Panmunjeom Flagpole of Kijŏng-dong and Turkmenistan’s 133m (436ft) Ashgabat Flagpole.

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